Life Happens

Life Happens.  It speeds by so fast and it seems like I’m playing catching-up ALL the time. Words run through my mind with the expectation of being written down in a format worth reading, but they end up sitting there, marinating.  Sometimes it feels like they’re drifting away and I don’t like that.

Today was different.  Today I hit pause…to remember and be thankful.

Life happens in in seasons.  In-between “…a time to be born and a time to die…” there are milestones.  I reached one this week.  My baby moved out. Sure he’s 27, but he’s still my baby. I’m happy for him…really, honestly, truthfully, ummm…really. *sniff* My mommy heart just hasn’t caught up yet and I miss him. I’m proud of who he’s become and life does go on.  I am thankful.

Another life moment happened this week – a true mighty warrior went to be with the Lord way too early sending shock waves through my heart and those in my circle of family and friends…and beyond. Seems God had other plans for this amazing man of God. He made an impact on so many lives, mine included. I am remembering.

Life Happens, as does death.  Both out of our control. One moment things are normal…the next they come to a screeching halt. At these times I remember the scripture in Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his step…”

I’m thankful the Lord is in control, even in “out of control” times. He knew these two events were coming, and knows that still more will come.  He’s making me brave to walk through it…after all, He called me “mighty warrior,” even with shaky knees.

So I hit pause today because these two lives are important.  The warrior’s journey has ended; laying down his sword, he’s stepped into eternity and is at peace.  The son’s journey has just begun; stepping into new beginnings, he’s experiencing freedom for the first time.

Life Happens…just breathe.


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