I recently came across a project, of sorts, that I completed several years ago at a woman’s function.  It was coated with a thick layer of dust and found under my dresser. With dust flying, I proceeded to clean it up and what I saw rather amazed me.

This was a project about dreaming.  We were to “dream” about our futures, what we really wanted to become or achieve; what was in our hearts.  Taking ourselves out of the box of current life and into the “what could be” God zone.  Then, armed with a stack of magazines, we were to create our dream posters out of the words and pictures we found to describe what our “dream” looked like.

In all honesty, at the time, I was just going along with the exercise because I had to, feeling like it was really a waste of time, sorry to say…but I didn’t want to look bad, so I succumbed to the pressure and made the thing.

You see I didn’t really put much stock in dreaming.  It was almost depressing to me, which was the state of my hope at the time.  I was overweight, felt pretty pitiful with my state of life and it was generally a wilderness season for me, so my vision was extremely cloudy.  Even now, I can remember what I felt like.  My soul was just sad, but crying out for some hope. I dug in to those magazines and started randomly finding words that stuck out, some pictures of just a glimmer of what hope I had.

After it was finished, I promptly came home and stuck it under my dresser, purposefully forgot about it and it’s been there ever since… until now. I stood there looking at it…blown away…  Here it is:

The words I used…

1. Be Part of the Solution

Then: I couldn’t achieve anything without actually putting my shoes on and walking toward it, now could I.  I remember I whispered a prayer when I saw that and put it as the title.  I wanted to ‘start’ on a journey of solution and not stagnation. Now: I actually did start!!   God’s enabling grace came through and gave me the strength to put my shoes on, so to speak, and begin.

2. Vision

Then: Vision was important to me because mine was so cloudy, so I prayed that it would be cleared and that I could ‘see’ were God was leading and actually find the solutions I so desperately needed. Now: God did help me ‘see’ more clearly where to start and I’m still seeing more and more every day!

3. Significance

Then; Whew, now that one was huge.  I felt so insignificant to everything around me.  My worth wasn’t much, in my eyes.  I wasn’t thin, I wasn’t singing or doing anything in ministry, I wasn’t hoping against hope, I just wasn’t anything. Now: Wow – so much has changed…  In Christ I’m learning who I am more and more!   God granted me the blessing of singing again, worshipping again, actually teaching me how to lead others into the holy place, this ‘least of the least’ girl…

4. Freedom

Then: That’s what I SO DESIRED – Freedom from my coat of flesh, okay I’ll say it, freedom from all the fat I carried around.  Freedom to walk and not hurt, to do all things I so wanted to, but couldn’t. Now:  I reached my goal!!  All the I Can’s from my journey are here now!  If you see me on stage jumping around…?  Now you know why I’m so FREE!

5.  Courage & Spirit

Then: I needed courage to step out and DO something about my condition.  Courage to ask God for help and believe He’d do just that; courage to try again after so many failures.  My spirit was also craving a renewed relationship with the Lord – deeper – worship was crying to come out. Now: God is faithful…  He granted my request for courage and I’m so excited to grow deeper in love with Him.

6.  Victory

Then: This was put there with just the tiniest bit of faith, small and at the bottom.  I wanted it, but at the time didn’t believe it, really. Now:  I HAVE THE VICTORY! I believe that being forced to participate in that exercise was very prophetic.  I was declaring what my heart was crying out in a tangible way, even thought I didn’t see it at the time.

I’m thankful…thankful that God sat me down and in a firm but gentle way and said “Okay daughter – SO DREAM ALREADY!!”