Say YES!

So I was busy, sitting at my desk at work typing away when I had one of those “suddenlies.”  Ever have one of those?  It’s when life is rolling by smoothly, it seems, and then BAM! out of nowhere a door opens, a new adventure is unveiled, something you can say no to, but just KNOW if you do you’ll miss out on one of God’s gifts, a blessing, but you have to step into it and walk it out to receive it. In other words, you have to Say YES!

That’s happened to me a few times in recent years and each time it’s been both a big step of faith and an adventure all at the same time. On this particular day, the suddenly involved a Facebook message from my cuz…

I hear my phone bleep at me and look over and hear the Holy Spirit say, “pay attention,” which can only mean one thing…something’s up. Instead of ignoring it, I’m at work after all, I pay attention and what I read gives me goosies…you know when the hair on your arms stands straight up? I almost fell off my chair. Why? Here’s what it said…

… “I wondered if you might be open to us shooting your weightloss journey story. I am already working on a show that will encourage people in this area. I thought your story would be great–what do you think??” (Side note – my cuz happens to work for the 700 Club Interactive…)

WHAT?! !!!  !!!! !

I very clearly hear the Holy Spirit telling me to… “Say YES!” but I froze…sitting there staring at the message… WHAT DO I THINK??? AHHH NO!

In that freak-out mode I set the phone down, then pick it up again…then did a repeat…won’t say how many times.

“Say YES   NO!!!

But God, I CAN’T do that! Don’t you know I’m still in the journey? I’ve not been perfect; my body is fighting me even now…!!

“Say YES

*Sigh*…and at that crucial moment I had to stop and remember that I CAN was my new answer to whatever new thing God was to drop my way, but my humanity still gets in the way when thrown a curve ball like this one.  I couldn’t say NO even with every fiber of my being wanting to. It was a God and He had a plan.

So my flesh said to no one but God, “Yes?” (insert my timid shaky voice), but in my spirit I put on my BRAVE suit and what I actually typed out very slowly…in a step of faith kinda grown up way…  “Okay Lori, I’ll do it.” The date was set and into “HELP ME GOD” mode I dove, head first.


Yes is a hard word, it requires action and accountability. My first homework assignment? To review my “Wings to Fly” weight loss blog posts, all of them, and answer a handful of questions from the producer based on the journey to not only health, but to spiritual renewal. This was really good for me – to relive the faithfulness of God and what He’s taught me.  It’s like re-reading a journal of sorts, remembering the good things, and realizing, sadly, some of the things I never should have done. *sigh* BUT, all along God was directing me to keep going.

Side note — Weight loss isn’t overnight and don’t let ANY quick fix product tell you otherwise.  I’ve made mistakes and wasted a lot of money on stuff that I wish I hadn’t. It’s all about health now, body, mind, soul and spirit and IT’S STILL HARD!

The Crew 

Three really nice guys came packing their gear into my dad’s house. I felt more comfortable here for whatever reason. They invaded with cases of cords, lights and cameras, moving furniture around trying to set up in a rather tiny amount of space. These guys know their business and they were so helpful and supportive, walking me through this experience step by baby step.

The Interview

Right up front, the interview! Goodness, I was so nervous. I had to wing it without my notes and without glasses, they glared apparently. Couldn’t see a darn thing! HA!  Maybe that’s a good thing? God brought to mind what needed to be said, but I couldn’t remember what I said after filming. I had to trust it made sense!

B Roll

I learned a lot that day…like ‘B’ roll. Ever heard of that? It was all new to me but now I totally get it. They had me change three times, filmed me making juice, standing on a scale, staring at myself, reading the Word, walking in the park, pushing away some cookies…just all sorts of extra stuff.

Another side note…get GREEN stuff into your body. Whether juicing or making smoothies, the greener you can get the better.

The End…

All this happened back in January, and now it’s April and the final result aired today, April 13, 2015 on the 700 Club Interactive (ABC Family).  The link to view the segment is below. Boy can these guys edit! Some stuff never made it, but the end result told the story. I’m thankful for the experience and I pray you are blessed and get something from what GOD has done.  Just know that I’m still a work in progress, but as I’ve learned along my journey, I CAN do ALL THINGS…and so CAN YOU! *wink*

Link: From Emotional Eater To Inspirational Blogger

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