No words

A window from my day…


Sometimes writing is hard. I have this built up desire and it seems like nothing is coming. And so my thoughts take a wrong turn…asking God, “what are you doing?” Was this only for a season and nothing more? What do I do with this intense desire? You’re the one who planted this seed, this gift, watered it and brought it out into the open – to the air, sun, rain and wind. It’s grown only because You shined Your Light on it. Don’t take it away…


At least that’s how I felt today. Desperate to write but no words were coming. This moment in time so precious, with no people, no TV, no music, nothing, nada. Only time, but all I heard was silence, or so I thought.


Clearly God hasn’t stopped talking, it’s me not listening. That’s the truth of it.  So after I took my random “waste of time” thoughts captive, I decided to stop moping and start typing.


And so they came…like a river rushing in…words, not necessarily the kind I thought, but what I needed to hear.


“You’ve chosen well. You may not feel like that, but it’s true. To turn off the world and look to me? This is choosing well. Every choice has repercussions, positive or negative. You choose to listen and you end up hearing. You choose to fill your precious time with noise and that’s what you end up with, noise. Nothing of value.


The garden is ripe with fruit, ripe with blooms ready to burst forth with fragrance and color, ready to be picked and eaten. Drink in the fragrance. All created for you. Revelation comes with time spent in the garden tending the vines. Dig deep and then deeper still. Come closer.


I know what you’re thinking, remember? The answer is no, a gift is given and never rescinded. Once you receive, I don’t take it back. I do prune it from time to time so it grows more fruitful. Pruning is a good thing. Let it happen. Write it out.”


When THE WORD comes, He fills all the cracks and crevices with His thoughts. Mine just wash away in the river of His Truth.


And there’s peace, again.





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