faltering STEPS

Proverbs 16:9 “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his STEPS.”

Faltering steps.

Baby steps.

Big steps.

Stopping altogether.

All my steps are ordered by the Lord…for me.

It is HE that enables me to keep stepping on, depending on Him for strength.

Even feeble steps are made, leaning on Him, but still moving.

Sometimes a step becomes a STOMP, marching to a drumbeat, a rhythm. Your love has rhythm.

Then the step becomes a RUN, faster and faster; Your arms waiting for me.

Sometimes the step becomes a CLIMB, higher and higher over rocks, boulders or mountains of difficulty.

Though the way may be slippery and wet, dusty and dry, rocky or even rock solid and straight, step by step I keep going.

The Hand that holds mine won’t let go, no matter what.  He won’t let me fall.

His step “in-step” with mine.

Strong steps.

Confident steps.

Determined by the Lord…

Acts 17:28 “IN Him I LIVE, I MOVE and have MY BEING.” (Carol’s version)

It was a faltering steps kinda day today. Some days are. Yet He strengthened me on this rainy Sunday to again, be “in-step” with Him. Determined. BRAVE.

Stepping Forward!

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