Normally I wouldn’t write on something like this, but it’s been a week and I felt like sharing. I’ve done fasts before, the Daniel Fast among others, but never have attempted something like this. This cleanse has been the hardest one I’ve ever done.  It’s not for spiritual reasons, just purely physical, and a doozy for sure.

How did I get here? Well, I had been asking God for some answers, as I have usually done along my health journey, on why I was feeling some “things” internally and I heard “cleanse” so I ran to my computer and Goggled, of course.  What came up was a ton of info, but one stuck out…this Master Cleanse lemonade drink thing.

Master Cleanse

My plans always involve study…watching videos, reading, researching…which is how I’ve processed most anything I’ve launched into for my body; study until I feel strong enough knowledge wise to jump in and actually do it. So I’m reading along on this and then realized two things: 1. IT’S FOR 10 DAYS, and 2. you had to GIVE UP COFFEE! *growl*

I know I was supposed to do this, but I DIDN’T WANT TO!  NO NO NO! *growling again*

*Sigh* Took a bit of doing, arguing with myself FOR A FEW WEEKS, but finally gaining courage, I said okay and finally gave in.

God help me, please!

My plan?  Start on a Monday, which is always a good day to start anything, right? It was the day after my dad’s birthday dinner, another good thing. I enjoyed my “last meal,” which was yum-o. Even had cake!


Not to go into too much detail, for those with sensitive ears/tummies…here’s a glimpse. (I will put the link at the bottom for the resources, if you’re interested.)

Day 1 – Here we go… Got all my lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper ready, made my first drink…not too bad, really, but missing my morning coffee terribly. Got to mid-morning and *BAM* insert massive headache. I lasted through lunch and ran home to bed. My dear hubby got home and made me a cup of coffee and with that and a few meds, I was back in action.

Change in plan – as I’ve noted on lovely Facebook – finish cleanse with coffee.  Sorry for those purists who will frown on this, I’m just not into severe pain and that’s that.

Day 2 – Much better, although hunger is a VERY real thing. The drink does help-must be the maple syrup. Foggy headed, but no headache, thank God! Weakness when I didn’t drink enough of the lemon stuff, so I upped the amount

Day 3 – Notice my tongue is slightly green, very weird…but I’m told it’s normal.  Some weakness, but not too bad. Running to the “throne” quite often though.

Day 4 – Oh no…POTLUCK AT WORK!!!  It’s never a good time to do something like this, but next time I will check the calendar and NOT do it when there’s to be SO MUCH YUMMYNESS happening.  Oh well, probably saved me some guilt for over eating. :0/ Otherwise, feeling pretty good. I’m drinking a ton of the lemon stuff and it does help the hunger.

Day 5 – Salt flush day. This is the oddest part – you drink 32 oz of sea salted water (2 tsp sea salt/32 oz spring water) and within 30 minutes – RUNNING AGAIN! Whew…glad that part is over!

Day 6 – That’s today.  Woke up feeling clear headed, pretty strong and energetic. I’m glad! Oh, a plus – I’VE LOST ABOUT 8 LBS SO FAR! Not that I was doing this for weight loss, but hey, I’ll take it!

Only 4 more days to go… Can’t wait.  Apparently at the end, you juice for a couple of days coming off slowly.  I’m not waiting to post this until the end though, but may update, who knows.

Apparently, cleansing is a good thing to do at least once a year. Got mine in! Whew!

It’s a GOOD thing

One good thing I found this week? My soul has been more rested with every day, surprisingly.  I didn’t do it, as I said, for spiritual reasons, but it’s interesting how you take something out that honestly takes a lot of thought, because I do like my food, and it makes more “space” for God to fill. At least for me it did.

My scripture today was from Psalms 116:7 “Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.”

Yes He has!  I can make it!



Master Cleanse Basic Info:
Download this .pdf: Master Cleanse


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