Daddy’s Girl

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!

{{ Dad…you’re going to have to allow me some grace.  I’m gonna say some stuff about you, all true and all great, so don’t get all embarrassed. Truth is truth and I’m SO glad I get to WRITE IT and you get to READ IT!! }}


I’ll say it right up front; I’M A DADDY’S GIRL through and through. He IS the best. I feel a bit sorry for all you folks out there because God gave me His highest and best, and I know my sister Karen will agree.

Daddy's Girl

Daddy’s Girl

I was crafted with parts of both my parents, but I AM my daddy’s daughter. I look more like him, I’m tall and my hands are like his, I have a logical/mechanical brain like his, my hair is dark and thick like his… I took after the Coppinger side of the family and am proud of it. It’s good stock.My dad is an amazing man. On this Father’s Day, I have the priviledge to freely share and brag about him, so read on. I’ll start the ball rolling and tell you a little bit about…

Dad’s Character

Faithfulness. Of the many character qualities, the first one that comes to mind when I think of my dad is the word Faithful. This character quality (one of my favorites with God too) of faithfulness is the BEST and most accurate description of Robert Lee Coppinger. You can count on him. Throughout his life, young or old, working or retired, he can be counted on. He serves his family well, his church well, his friends and even his neighbors well.

Loyality. Dad is a trustworthy and very loyal friend. He’s had the same core group of buddies for years. Most, in fact, have been around since before I was born and are more like uncles to me; no relation, but I’ve never ‘not’ known them.

Like clockwork, one or more of this clan will gather with dad for coffee or breakfast, having done so for more years than I can count.  I’m sure LaBou or Panara Bread or that Waffle House place are financially stable due to their smiling faces walking in the door every day.

These friends have covered each other’s backs. When one is in need of a helping hand for a project or just an encouraging word, they are “Johnny on the spot,” as my mom used to say. They are each other’s “first call” when in need. I know I could count on any one of them to come to my aid all because my dad chose such great men to surround himself with and he, in turn, is such a great friend to them.Dad

Integrity. If Dad tells you he’ll be there or that he will support you in any way, you can count on that like its gold in the bank. He’s supported some ministries for 20+ years and even the thought of not being able to do so hurts his heart. Once he’s committed, it’s a done deal. That support and commitment isn’t just a financial thing, I’m really talking all throughout his life from his work, church service in whatever capacity he is able, to his family and friends, we all know that if Dad says something, there’s never a doubt in our minds of its completion.

Even to the most recent and very challenging time of caring for my precious mom…being a caregiver for her was probably the most difficult thing he’s ever done, but his commitment to honor his promise and keep her home for as long as he possibly could never wavered. It took us a long time to even convince him to hire someone to help, but finally he said yes. Boy was he grateful for Svetlana! His example all throughout that season shouted loud and clear not only to our family, but to everyone else about his integrity, and this legacy will last way beyond his own lifetime.

Consistency. Dad isn’t one to like change (neither do I). He likes to get into a routine and then keep it. Karen and I could almost tell you where our parents were on any given day based on what time it was…and I’m the same way, ask my hubby. HA! Also, and this is really important, because of this disciplined lifestyle established very early on, he’s been able to keep his life running smoothly, knowing what he’s going to do next. At 82 he’s like a well oiled machine.

Dad’s Gifts

Did you know my dad is an artist? Well now you do… In his early years he did some paintings and is pretty darn good at it too. Check these out.

Dad's Barn PaintingFruit Painting

The artist in him served him well in the other areas of life, primarily being a great “handy-man.” Deemed “Mr. Fix It,” Dad can fix about any-thing! From plumbing to building to refinishing furniture, or hanging wallpaper, he can do it.

I remember many times dad heading out of the house – most weekends in fact – to the Mr. Fix It!garage to work on some project on the house or for some member of the family calling for Uncle Bob’s help to hang wallpaper or fix something. As for us, our house had many revisions to it over the years – color changes, new wallpaper; new flooring…dad did it all. All he had to see was Mom coming home with those wallpaper books and he knew what was coming…right dad?

Dad’s Music

The Voice of Bethel

Some great people in this group!

Dad loves music; it touches his heart like nothing else.  He chose to use his beautifully clear and smooth tenor voice as his primary gift. I bet some of you never knew that he was a member of the famous “Johnson Quartet!” We have some recordings they did in the early Bethel Temple years. He was also a member of the Bethelairs…they even made a record!  He and mom sang and served in the music ministry forever, through many Thursday night rehearsals, singing christmas trees and survived multiple music pastors over the years.

Our Story Taping

Mom is bottom row left.

In fact, music was the key that brought them together. Here’s the tale in a nutshell… Dad heard that over at Bethel Temple, Pastor Clyde Henson had a new church secretary who moved all the way out here from Ohio! He was attending the Nazarine church across town at the time, but had friends at both churches. One of those friends told him to watch the TV show “Our Story” to check her out…which of course he did. One look was all it took; he had to meet that beauty with the equally beautiful singing voice. Their first conversation was over pizza with “that group” of friends and the rest is history… Dad says he was the lucky one to catch mom, but I believe mom was equally lucky! Dad was a “catch” indeed, such a handsome guy! Of course luck had nothing to do with it – it was that “God” thing.

Dad and Mom - Engagement


Although he is now “retired” from the choir, he hasn’t stopped singing. In fact he sings all the time at home. I get to harmonize with him when we’re listening to a Gather video or in the car from time to time. Love to do that! He may have something to say about this, but I think he sounds as great as ever!

Dad & Mom

Dad’s Example

These are a few of my favorite thoughts about my dad.  Suffice it to say, he lives what he believes and leads by example. I’ve learned a whole lot from him just by observation; some taught, but mostly watching him my whole life. I haven’t always followed his wise example, and I’ve paid the price for it. My prayer is to get better at it every day…

Dad has been the best example to us his girls, our husbands, his grandkids, his friends and acquaintances of what a true man of God does, acts, and lives.

What a guy!

My Handsome Dad

I love you daddy!

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2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. He’s exactly as I know him…the man you described. Loved all the details, including his romance with your Mom. They were the perfect couple. Enjoy your Father’s Day together. Love the Coppingers, the Tates and Hagens.

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