the Plain Truth…the journey DOES continue

Lest you think that I have arrived, let me dispel that thought right now at the beginning.  I’m four years into this journey and I have NOT yet arrived at my final destination.  I’m still in the midst of working it all out, with the Lord’s help, of course. If you’re confused about what journey I’m talking about, it’s my weightloss journey.

If you too are still in the trenches of the process like I am, you’re not alone; I have felt the same things you’re feeling, experienced the same questions rolling through my mind…like…  Will I be able to keep it off? Why am I stuck, yet again? My pants are feeling tight Lord, HELP!  Or, truth be told, maybe I’m even writing this for a little encouragement myself from others that are also still work‘n it out…to know that I’m not alone.  Either way, I know God loves me and I’m encouraging my own “selfie” in Him by writing this down.

I just read this scripture this morning – yes today, Sunday, June 9, 2013:

Psalms 100:4-5 “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name.  For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.”

I’ve now entered that “court” of the Lord to plead my case before him.  His love for me endures and His faithfulness never ends, so why shouldn’t I enter freely and ASK!  He cares for the smallest details of our lives, even my fat tummy! *smile*

There are so many other things I could be asking for, but today, right now, this is it.  I’m asking God to take my issue, my question, and render wisdom, knowledge, and a decision to free me from myself.  I do know I am my worst enemy here.  This is rather obvious.  I could blame the devil, but I know the truth of this situation.  I am the one feeding my face.

In this way I am working WITH God’s ability and not on my own. AND…boy do I need His ability now more than ever! I’m thanking God that His faithfulness never ends.

the Plain Truth

I know that’s an odd title, but the plain truth is that it takes continual work on my part to keep the freedom I’ve been given and not go backwards. How many times in my “old” life did I do that?  Too many to count.  Well, this time ’round it’s different. Here are a few things I’m now researching and putting into practice to keep this ol’ body of mine in “toe…”  The first one…well…

STOP EATING SO MUCH! Grrr  How easy is that?  Not so much for me.  I have a bad habit of filling my plate too full! Always have. Why do I keep doing this?  Because I want more, simple as that.  My “wanter” is still out of whack.  I can have a plan in place to eat certain things, all nice and tidy, and I do eat those things, healthy things, but then proceed to eat too much of them.  Too much of a good thing is still too much!

Hormones?? (Sorry gents.)  Ladies, when I started this journey, I was not in the “time of life” I’m now finding myself, if you get my drift.  I now am reading all about how hormones play a role in weightloss.  This is why, if you’re reading this and are younger than me and need to make a life change like I did, MAKE IT NOW! Don’t wait!  It’s way easier when you’re younger when your body’s balances work with you not against.  I’m researching words like cortisol, low estrogen, progesterone… (I’ll put the book info at the end of this post.)  My belly has decided it likes to suck up fat like a dry sponge. Why????????  Because of that dreaded “M” word.  I won’t say more…you get it.

Rest!  There’s a key in practicing “resting in the Lord” that is HUGE in bring balance (physical and spiritual) into my body.  This I’m learning about more. The old saying “practicing the presence” is true.  It’s a stress reducer like no other.  PEACE…that PEACE OF GOD that passes all understanding?  That’s the rest I mean.  Stop fighting with myself and just breathe in the rest of God.  His weapons of warfare are not like our own… (Remember this Carol!)

Weights.  I’m still not overly fond of exercise, but in reading I’ve found that, apparently in my time of life, it’s more important to “lift something heavy” vs. killing myself trying to run! Who knew? Walking and lifting.  So, heave-hoe it goes.

Plants, nuts, seeds, O my!  Veggies are more important than ever… I’ve been consistently increasing the amount of green I eat through various ways (salads, etc…), but the best way that I’ve found this past year is through green smoothies. I’ve become a “greensmoothiegirl!” Such an easy way to get more veggies and greens into me, masking them with fruit.  I’ve learned words like kale, Swiss chard, flax seed, chia seeds? These things I’ve never even noticed in the store before, but now have added them as a staple in my life.  Chia seeds are not just for that stupid clay pot thingy! Anyway, I’m trying to get my veggie/protein ratio up to 70% plant/ 30% protein.  ‘Trying’ is the operative word.

Coffee yes, no, yes, no…please????  This one I’m still struggling with, as you can see.  I love my coffee…why do I need to give that up???? ARG! (Just keep’n it real here.)

Fat isn’t fattening!  Just depends on the type you’re eating.  I’ve added coconut everything to my life and love it; coconut oil, real coconut milk (the canned kind) in my coffee, this is why I love my coffee so much!  Cashews (great source), avocados…  All these are good fats.

No preservatives. This is a hard one.  There’s junk in so many foods, good grief!  I’m not preaching this, but am trying my best to READ LABELS to see what stuff is in what I’m buying.  Why do they put bad stuff in of all things that are supposed to be healthy…like almond milk or rice milk or coconut milk????  I don’t understand this!

Am I boring you?  Well this word will make you smile then…

CHOCOLATE! YES! I still eat the stuff and love it.  I’m just eating the 80% cacao or putting raw cacao powder in my smoothies. Turns out it’s really full of good stuff too! Yum.

Okay, enough for now…

I’ve been given a gift; a gift of life…and for the rest of my life to live it, REALLY LIVE IT in FREEDOM.  I’m telling you right now, I haven’t arrived at my final destination, but I WILL BE continuing THIS journey baby.


It's the climb!

I’m an open book on this for anyone who wants to ask, so ASK! Here are the links on the websites, books, etc., for your own pleasure reading. 🙂

Some of my favorite Books, Blogs & Facebook pages:
The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried
Metabolic Effect & Facebook page
The Omni Diet Revolution
It Starts with Food (The Whole30)
Healthy Living How To & Facebook Page
NutriBullet Blog
Nom Nom Paleo (she's a great writer!) & Facebook page
100 Days of Real Food & Facebook page:

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