the GIFT found ME!

“So you’re becoming a writer? Did that get passed down from your mama?” Someone asked me this question recently – and it got me thinking. I agree that my mom did write, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I would be writing like she did. I am write “ing” down the words I hear in my heart on this blog…so I could be called an “e” writer, I guess *smile*

Why did this question strike me so? I wanted to know why the desire to write had come on so strong, so out of the blue, and why not until I’m 52?? Huh? Stay with me here, it may seem like duh, it’s God and yes, that’s true, but I was never one to write…anything.  I never kept a diary, never wrote poems or songs or, or anything…with the exception of a business letter or two (or like hundreds). I only started keep a journal because I was told to at first, but from that point on words just flowed onto those pages. I wrote out things for myself, things God was teaching me…I was quite amazed honestly. Didn’t realize I had so much bottled up inside, nor what would come of those treasured nuggets.  Making the jump, however, from my journals to this blog…that was another whole thing entirely.  My first post Mighty Warrior tells the “why” quite simply.


In pondering these thoughts, the word “seed” popped into my mind so I started doing some digging. Here are a few tidbits I found quite interesting~thanks to Wikipedia…and God, of course:

-seeds go through a period of dormancy where there is no active growth…sometimes a long time…

 A long time? Well how’s 52 years for ya. Who knew? That’s a long time with no active grown, at least from what I could see. But then, we can’t see into a seed to know what’s actually going on or what God is doing.

-some live seeds are dormant and need more time, and/or need to be subjected to specific conditions before they will germinate…

Live” seeds – well okay, they aren’t dead, just still and waiting. They may look hard and dead and may be hidden down deep just waiting for that certain “season” where the conditions are right for action to begin.

-seed germination depends on both internal and external conditions…the most important external factors include temperature, water, oxygen, and sometimes light or darkness…

Internal conditions. When God begins a work in our hearts, He always has a plan and purpose. The soil (us) however, has to be right for the seed to soften and sprout. It took a LONG while for me to be ready.

External conditions – temperature, water, oxygen, light/darkness… Oooo this is so good!

Temperature – The Love of God…  That Love radiates over us (the soil) like waves of heat making the hard places tender and pliable to His work…and it grows…

Water – The Water of the Word… Seeds are very dry and need an abundance of water to begin the growing process. Soaking in the Word brings activates what’s inside the seed…and it grows…

Oxygen – The breath of God… He created us from the dust of the earth, but we didn’t come alive until His breathe entered us. He breathes life into the seed…and it grows…

Light/Darkness – Jesus is the Light…even darkness is light to Him. He shines like the sun and out of the darkness comes new life…and it grows…

His design and creativity is just altogether pretty darn amazing!!

The seeds (gifts) are planted within us at God’s design – some are sprouted, growing and in full force at birth. Some, on the other hand, are buried deep, hidden and can be dormant for years, as in my case. Only when the soil is right will His light, heat and breath come into that seed, and life begins.

Psalm 130:13, 15-16 NIV

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb…. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

God's handsthe GIFT found ME!

The GIFT found me when I wasn’t looking.  Once God breathed life on that seed in me, a light bulb switched on and words filled my heart that had to come out. Like the pressure gets so great I need to get them “planted.” All I know is something popped open and I can’t stop. I discovered I loved it, loved taking my God thoughts and putting them down in words that make sense. For me it’s like a bible study. I am learning something new every time and with every post. 

So that brings me back to that question. The answer is yes with a slight twist…what went to heaven with my mama had already been planted in me long ago, alive but dormant. A gift I never knew existed, but God did. He decided now was the right time to sprout. What comes of it only He knows. All I have to do is keep watering with the Word and let God do the rest…

I wonder…what gift may be lying dormant in YOU, just waiting to come out? Maybe it’s a dream buried deep down? Ask Him to show you, prepare your soil to receive, and be ready to take action. And if you’re like me, get ready to keep up with the words….oh so many WORDS!



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