I think it’s time to DREAM again!! After finishing telling my story, I am revisiting this post from last year… The dream poster was made during the desert years and I’m still so blessed by God’s goodness! Start DREAMING with God – He truly does all things well!

Simple "Song of Joy"

I recently came across a project, of sorts, that I completed several years ago at a woman’s function.  It was coated with a thick layer of dust and found under my dresser. With dust flying, I proceeded to clean it up and what I saw rather amazed me.

This was a project about dreaming.  We were to “dream” about our futures, what we really wanted to become or achieve; what was in our hearts.  Taking ourselves out of the box of current life and into the “what could be” God zone.  Then, armed with a stack of magazines, we were to create our dream posters out of the words and pictures we found to describe what our “dream” looked like.

In all honesty, at the time, I was just going along with the exercise because I had to, feeling like it was really a waste of time, sorry to say…but I…

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