…yes, but what does the WORD say?

My spiritual journey started long after my actual salvation journey began. I’m in the process of compiling my testimony from things I’d written in the past, but this one thing I learned along the pathway to a passionate love affair with God was so life changing, it can’t wait. I have to share now. Simply put, it’s the statement “…but what does the Word say?

That one statement may not mean anything to you by just reading it, but if you knew the background, you’d get it too. It rocked my well concealed world. About 13 or so years ago ago I began a mentoring relationship with an amazing woman of God. He used to her to guide me out of the darkness (of my own making) and into the light of God’s love, acceptance and restoration. I tell her, but she doesn’t believe me when I say she’s had the most impact on my life of anyone other than my family.

At that time I was filled with self doubt with no reason to believe I could have a close relationship with God again, or for that matter what that even looked like. When you’re bound, you don’t see clearly. I’d stuffed God out years previously (post coming on that). In our discussions, my objections were always met with “…but what does the Word of God say, Carol?”

…but I don’t feel God —

The Word says He will never leave you nor forsake you…

…but I can’t do that —

The Word says you can do all things through Christ Jesus…

…but I don’t hear God —

The Word says “My sheep hear My voice,” and your one of His sheep…

…but I’m afraid —

The Words says you God doesn’t give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind…

…but, but , but…

At every turn this was the answer back; so it came down to who I was going to believe, me or God? Slowly this stripped away all my doubts and fears and made me take a look at the Word with new fresh eyes, eyes of faith, belief, trust, love. I kept attacking my mental condemning thoughts with what the Word said. It took a while, the enemy had me pretty bound up…a religious spirit is no joke. My story isn’t one of leaving my ‘life’ entirely, it was all the time in church, doing church, serving in church, working in church…but with a heart of stone.

But that’s for the next post. (teaser)

If you were wondering why I write so often about the battle of the mind, having a warrior spirit, standing in my authority in Christ, THIS is why. I’m not giving any territory back that God enabled me to gain. Nope, Never, Nada!

I’m a passionate worshiper, a Levite, attired in spiritual battle array leading those who want to worship Him in spirit and in truth – authentically – into the throne room.

Oh one more thing, if you too hear condemning thoughts, feel separated from God, find yourself believing a lie, stop and ask yourself this, “…but WHAT DOES THE WORD SAY…”




3 thoughts on “…yes, but what does the WORD say?

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