My Easy Bake Oven ~ Memories

In the news recently was the story of a girl who wanted the Easy Bake Oven made “gender neutral” so she could give one to her little brother for Christmas. This post isn’t about that, more power to her, but it did bring to mind one of my absolute favorite Christmas memories — it was the year I got my very own Easy Bake Oven.  It was what I wanted most in the world at the time, what probably most little girls wanted in the late 1960’s.Easy Bake OvenEvery year my sister and I waited in the hall at the closed door going into the living room chomping at the bit to run to the tree and discover what “Santa” (aka mom & dad) had stashed under the tree.  Mom always put presents under the tree prior to the Christmas so we knew some were from them, but on Christmas morning there were always more — apparently left by Santa (at the time we still believed, okay?).

Easy Bake Oven Christmas!

We each had our side of the tree – somehow Santa knew this.  Mine was the left, Karen’s the right.  That day I ran to my side, scoping all the abundance of boxes beautifully wrapped, looking for one big enough to be my oven.  Way in the back, next to the window was a huge box — I just knew it had to be my Easy Bake Oven!  I wanted to open it first, but we had to patiently wait for mom to hand out the gifts…one at a time.  I don’t remember anything else that I received that year, except probably jammies and slippers. (We ALWAYS got jammies and slippers.)  Finally mom hands me the box!  I rip the paper and my eyes see what my heart desired.  I’m in heaven.

Whatever happened that day is in a distant foggy memory. All I remember was opening the box, removing the parts one piece at a time.  It came stocked with cake & cookie mixes in little packets and as soon as it was all put together, I was baking!  I made EVERY CAKE & COOKIE mix included in the box that same day…  Did I share?  Not sure, but probably not much.  Yep – seems like my lack of self-control started early.

The Gift

I love Christmas, everything about it.  I even married at Christmas time (Happy 34th!).  I love the lights, the songs… “Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm, all is bright…” the tree, jingle bells, the ornaments, the holiday movies, the warm fuzzies I get even driving in the fog when you can see the lights glowing on the houses.  It’s always foggy in December and remember driving downtown to the Memorial Auditorium when the Singing Christmas Tree was still held down there.  It also reminds me of driving to grandma’s house on Christmas Eve, as we did every year for dinner with family, all cozy in the back seat staring out the window and listening to Christmas Carol’s.

Most of all, Christmas reminds me of the birth of my Savior and what that life changing event meant.  It’s what it’s all about!  Jesus Christ is the true “Reason for the Season.” His birth, life, and death are why we can boldly and confidently stand before the throne of grace, clothed in a robe of His righteousness.

No more Easy Bake for me…I’ve had enough cake to last me the rest of my life!  Like the Word says in 1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; now that I have become a man [*woman*], I am done with childish ways and have put them aside.”

He’s all I want now… “Let every heart, prepare Him room!”
Joy to the World!

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