Mighty Warrior

So I’m starting a blog.  Why?  Well, good question.

I’ve “heard” for a while that I should write out my journey, especially in weight loss, and have felt the urge to, but just never took the time.  I’ve written bits and pieces here and there, but nothing like this.  Then just today my husband says – I’m hearing that you should start a blog. *Wake-up-call?* Maybe so…  I’ll start and see where it takes me.

This blog will probably have many topics as it comes together, but the main theme is my calling as a worshiper – which I believe all those who call themselves followers of Christ are – but for me, it truly is my passion…and has become the ministry God has gently ‘pushed’ me into. This is the first, on something very recent that I wrote quickly on Facebook a few weeks ago.

So…here goes….


This week I’ve felt like Gideon…the least of the least…asking ‘how did I get here?’ There are SO many who are more gifted than me, have more knowledge, more skill, more of what I think is important; but God plopped me right in the middle of my heart’s love.

To Worship Him.

In my strength I can’t face that army. I will fail.

But when He enables (like Gideon) I can do ALL things, ‘least’ or not, even with shaky knees.




5 thoughts on “Mighty Warrior

  1. …and because He has gifted you to also write, you will bless many with your blogs. I will be following you, Carol.

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